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updating my news page cause i feel like i haven't been updating for a while. >.<

first things first, how you doing?

you know, kind of high, kind of low. being alone in my house with nothing to do because of the pandemic is starting to take a toll on me. but other than that i would say it's pretty fine. as you can notice, i've become so productive in making short pieces of music in an hour lately, and oh boy have i learnt a lot just experimenting prompts, making melodies off the top of my head, studying how others make their music, and so on... the grind is so tiring yet fun at the same time.

i am thinking of getting myself a midi keyboard soon to optimize my production. >:)))) (cause you know, they call me a "piano roll" musician lmaooo)

that being said, omg i finally got frontpaged two times heck yeah. so if you came from finding my music there, yeah hi. i'm doing this "one hour" shtick often so hopefully it won't bother you. as for "actual music" i put in effort and time to, let's just say that they're in the form of commisions and really slow production time. so stay tuned for those ig!

eskettit bro. any plans for this month?

well, the usual grind i guess. maybe after i'm done with commisions and all i'll take a well needed break from battleofthebits and composing music in general to focus more on sound production. (basically there's this one guy in fiverr that commisioned me to make an album with only sounds made by me :o )

as for joining those big competitions such as that orchestral competition at ng or that major compo over at chips, i'm most likely not going to participate in those sadly. don't think my music is well suited for those yet hehe.

have you run out of questions to ask yourself? uwu

ayyo check out the guy who my profile picture/fiverr banner, @Kriskull!! he has recently joined newgrounds to share his art here, so it would be cool if you'd check him out and give him a follow :DDDD

also check out kfaraday if you like some classical chiptune, they're so great at it omg :ooo

okay that's all, see you and have a wonderful day :3

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music commisions

aight lemme' just quote stuff from my fiverr;

hey, you there! yes you! do you want some fresh new compositions for your upcoming game? do you have some musical ideas but you don't know where to go with it? if it's compositions you want, then i'll be your man for the job, i'll be up for the task.

whether it be 8-bit music, experimental music, or just music in general. and if it's not in my range? simple, i'll gladly expand it for both you and me :)

so what are you waiting for? hit me up and i'll see how i can make your ideas into reality

ah yes people you heard it right. i will make any piece of music you want, not just for your upcoming game, but just for anything really. (animations, to impress your friends, etc.) i, for one, can tell you i am self-taught with three years worth of experience in making somewhat decent music. i can touch most genres, except for the ones that require me to play "real instruments" as i'm just a keyboard composer :p

here are some commisions i did before this, all being met with positive responses

so, you like that and you want to hit me up to compose or whatever? contact me through my NG or through email at masterofthepinecone@gmail.com. my rates are 5$ per track, and yes paypal will be used for said transaction.