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hello there, whoever still reads my news posts!

i'm going to upload stuff that i've made in a short time in a separate account to avoid my portfolio from being flooded by shitposts/unpolished songs...

here's the link for y'all! ==> https://lucaspoth.newgrounds.com

please check it out if you want me to post more often and have a nice day <33333


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music commisions

aight lemme' just quote stuff from my fiverr;

hey, you there! yes you! do you want some fresh new compositions for your upcoming game? do you have some musical ideas but you don't know where to go with it? if it's compositions you want, then i'll be your man for the job, i'll be up for the task.

whether it be 8-bit music, experimental music, or just music in general. and if it's not in my range? simple, i'll gladly expand it for both you and me :)

so what are you waiting for? hit me up and i'll see how i can make your ideas into reality

ah yes people you heard it right. i will make any piece of music you want, not just for your upcoming game, but just for anything really. (animations, to impress your friends, etc.) i, for one, can tell you i was self-taught from august 2017, and still grinding to be the best musician i can possibly be. i can touch most genres, except for the ones that require me to play "real instruments" as i'm just a keyboard composer :p

here are some commisions i did before this, all being met with positive responses

so, you like that and you want to hit me up to compose or whatever? contact me through my NG or through email at masterofthepinecone@gmail.com. my rates are 20$ per track, and yes paypal will be used for said transaction.